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Extra Anchor Magnets 20pcs

Extra Anchor Magnets 20pcs

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Anchor magnets are small, thin magnets that are used to hold magnetic false eyelashes in place. They are typically applied underneath the natural lashes, near the root. The magnets are attracted to each other, so when the false lashes are placed on top of the natural lashes, the magnets will "click" together and lock the false lashes into place.

A 20pc kit of anchor magnets will provide you with a larger supply of these magnets, allowing you to use them multiple times or to apply them to multiple sets of magnetic false eyelashes. They can be a useful accessory for anyone who frequently wears magnetic false eyelashes, as they can help to ensure that the lashes stay securely in place throughout the day. 

NOTE: Anchor magnets cannot be used with invisible lash kits

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