How Many Times Can I Use My Lashes?

Lashes can be used up to 40+ times if properly taken care of. We recommend that you handle your lashes gently when removing/applying and always put them back in the case when you are done using them. We recommend that you put your lashes on as a last step to your makeup application and do not apply mascara or wash/get them wet. 

Lashes Won't Stick to Eyeliner?

To insure your magnetic eyeliner and lashes will work together, be sure to apply the proper amount of coats and remove ALL anchor magnets attached to the lash strip. Once eyeliner is dry and anchors are removed, simple place and press your magnetic lashes to the liner. 

 Can't Find Anchor Magnets?

Anchor magnets are attached to each lash strip. Simple place your finger on the lash band and gently slide. This is where you will find your anchor magnets attached to the lash strip. These must be removed before using magnetic eyeliner.


 Can I Trim My Eyelashes?

Yes! You can trim the lashes to fit your eyes. We recommend doing this if the lashes seem to big and hang off the side. You can trim the inner or outer edge of the lash band to fit your eye. Make sure to remove the anchors before trimming.

Do You Ship Outside Of The US?

No. Unfortunately, we currently only ship within the US.

When Should I Expect My Package?

Orders are processed within 1-5 days. Once your package ships, your order can take 3-7 days to arrive depending on your location.