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Clear Adhesive Eyeliner

Clear Adhesive Eyeliner

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Introducing our clear Eyeliner. 

Our new clear eyeliner is going to amaze you!!! With an easy to use felt tip end, it's easy to glide on the perfect invisible line. Simply apply two coats of the liquid liner letting each coat dry, then remove anchor magnets from your favorite lash set and set the lash strip on top of the liquid liner for an easy application!  


How to apply:

1. Apply even coat of liner and let dry. 

2. Apply another coat letting each coat dry. (2 coats total)

3. Choose your favorite lash style and remove the anchors from lash strip.

(Please note that the clear liner will have a tacky feel to it, this is normal)

4. Press lash into liner for secure hold. 

5. That's it!



Note: It is important to let the liner dry before applying lashes. This will ensure your lashes will stay on all day long. The eyeliner will have a slight tacky feeling when it is completely dry. 


Warning: Adhesive Eyeliner should not be used while pregnant. This item is not made for children.

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