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Introducing "Glam" black silk magnetic eyelashes.

Add some drama to your look with the "Glam" lashes. These thick and full lashes are perfect for a night out or for adding a bold touch to your everyday look. The "Glam" style with 5 magnets on the lash band and 14 anchor magnets to apply. They can be used with the included anchor magnets or paired with our magnetic/adhesive eyeliners for an easier application. (Sold separately)

Instructions for use:

  1. Apply mascara to lashes and let dry.
  2. Measure the lash band to your eye and trim if needed.
  3. Place the lash strip on top of your upper lashes.
  4. Align the bottom anchor magnets under your lashes and attach.

Note: To adjust or remove the lashes, gently slide the magnets together with your hands. Be careful as the magnets are fragile.

Warning: This product is not suitable for children.

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